Monday, 2 July 2018

Recent Bakes

Long time since I post.. I think years? 
Been busy and ups and down in my life these while. From shifting house to changing job and now back to my old job.. (different job scope though)

Recent Cake that I did for XB sister. Unfortunately when we arrive the restaurant, one of the ear broke into 2 :(

It's Earl Grey Sponge with cream cheese frosting. Yums.

Forest Fruit Tea Chiffon. Have feedback that this is super good! 
It's still fluffy the next day!

Another birthday cake for XB sister.. She likes Cony so I decided to pipe out this and as usual, my ears almost fell out again :( (always like this!)
The sponge is slightly dense and the cake is quite heavy. Probably because of the sponge cake though...

Ondeh Ondeh Cake. Love this and my colleagues all love them. One of them even ordered from me for a friends gathering! Will post recipe soon!

By the way, I am now selling my Granola in Carousell or you may contact me to get your orders!

It's all Organic and Fresh. I only bake on the day before I send out my orders. Freshness guranteed :D

Pricing as follows

Brown Sugar Maple/Honey 

Packet Size
Small - $7.50 (200g)
Medium - $11 (300g)

Bottle Size 
Small - $8 (200g)
Big $18 (550g)

Add ons 
Cranberries/Chocolate Chips


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