Welcome to my humble space. Over here you can find the recipes that I get through website, books and well.. All tried and tested and tasted. I have too many links that I can't rememberrrr.. Bear that with me ok! 
Currently holding a permanent job. My free time is all devoted to baking. A little mad, a little of everything.
Hoping to bring something nice to everybody. 
Love to bake. Loves idling in the kitchen whole day just to bake. Love photography, loves to dream. Loves to travel. Loves drawing & art related stuffs but am so bad at it. Loves singing. Loves chocolate, especially milk chocolate. Mad about nuts. Born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore, a sunny tropical island with summer all year round. 

You can contact me via Instagram , facebook , pinterest , twitter . OR simply just email me!

Have fun in baking, and most importantly enjoy the process. 



All images and texts are © Blackbaker and must not be used without permission. Should you wish to use any of my images and articles, please write in to me thru email.
All photograph are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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