Homemade with healthy ingredients, Granola Oats deliver impressive numbers in Fibre and iron, whole nuts and seeds add heaty healthy unsaturated fats and some protein.

Our granola main ingredients
-Sunflower seeds
-Flax seeds
-Brown Sugar/Honey (Either one)

I am now selling my Granola in Carousell or you may contact me to get your orders!

It's all Organic and Fresh. I only bake on the day before I send out my orders. Freshness guranteed :D

Pricing as follows

Brown Sugar Maple/Honey 

Packet Size
Small - $7.50 (200g)
Medium - $11 (300g)

Bottle Size 
Small - $8 (200g)
Big $18 (550g)

Add ons 
Cranberries/Chocolate Chips

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